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Tiny homes are a popular rental option on Airbnb, a platform that travelers and other short-term renters use to find alternatives to traditional hotel accommodations. Short-term renters prefer Airbnb units because of the additional privacy, lower costs, location, and other perks that these spaces provide. 

Tiny homes are separate dwellings that provide all the amenities of a full-sized home in a smaller space. Investing in a tiny, detached home is a great way to generate additional income.


Boss Rooms develops customizable secondary units that are completely separate from your primary residence. This backyard in-suite room provides numerous financial and personal benefits for homeowners. 

Tiny homes offer renters their own entrance, separate living space, and short-term rental options.  Boss Rooms offers the add-ons that provide renters with all the amenities needed in an Airbnb rental, including a bathroom, kitchenette, and more. The revenue gained through rental utilization can be used to pay off the property.

Tiny homes also provide homeowners with a flexible space that can be used for personal uses when not occupied by a renter. These units make a great place to escape for work, leisure, or play. 

Benefits of Adding a Detached Backyard Airbnb or Tiny Home

In addition to rental income, detached tiny homes are beneficial for numerous other reasons.

Benefits a Detached Tiny Home Include:


Traditional Boss Room - Exterior Front
Modern Interior - 2
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The benefits of adding a secondary housing unit to your property are endless and with renters, the cost of the investment will pay for itself. 


A detached backyard unit from Boss Rooms allows individuals to choose from a wide range of unique options, including windows, floors, and amenities.

Features Include:

An ADU that is intended to be rented on Airbnb should include provisions to accommodate individuals overnight, including sleep, meal prep, and sanitation. Boss Rooms offers a full line-up of additional amenities, including kitchenettes and full bath. 

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Built Like a Boss

Big on style and function, the Boss Rooms are customizable to match your home, personality, and suit your lifestyle. For whatever your lifestyle needs, Boss Rooms can deliver: a home office, a school room, a dance studio, guest suite, AirBnB, art studio, home gym and more.

Boss Rooms Interior Features

Boss rooms ADU Guest House

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

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Smooth-Finish Dry Wall

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Full or Half Bath Add-On Available  3 of 6 Kitchenette Add-On Available 4 of 6

Two-Tone Paint Finish

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Energy Efficient HVAC System

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