Backyard Home Salon

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Backyard Home Salon in North Carolina

Many beauty professionals are ditching their leased properties in favor of a more affordable space to serve their clients. A custom-designed additional dwelling unit (ADU) by Boss Rooms is the best way to create your own salon just steps outside your backdoor.

What Is a Backyard Salon?

A detached backyard salon provides hairdressers, nail technicians, massage therapists, and other beauty service workers with a dedicated space to serve their clients. This dedicated space allows for beauty professionals to serve clients at-home, without actually having to bring clients inside the home.

Benefits of Having a Detached Salon at Home in North Carolina

There are numerous benefits to having a detached salon right outside your back door.
Both you and your clients will appreciate the private, tranquil, and professional environment provided by this dedicated space.

Benefits of a Detached Tiny Home Include:


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backyard detached home salon

What Do You Need to Create a Backyard Salon?

There are a few things to remember during the design and setup process.

Don’t forget to design your ADU salon with windows to encourage plenty of natural lighting and welcome in the tranquility of the great outdoors.

Practical Layout and Design
Choose an open floor plan to maximize space inside your personal salon. Also, don’t forget to include a sink and restroom in your design.

Maximize your space by investing in functional, multipurpose pieces that can be easily stored. The type of furniture that you will need depends on the professional beauty services that you intend to perform. These may include chairs, tables, mirrors, shelving, and/or additional pieces for supply storage.

Don’t forget to include a space to store all of your beauty-related supplies, including hair dryers, brushes, acrylic nails, massage oils, towels, etc.

Personal Touches
Make your salon space special by adding your own personal touches, such as artwork, flowers, music players, etc.

How Can a Backyard Salon Be Utilized?

Backyard salon units are highly versatile spaces that can be utilized for both professional and personal use. Many professionals use this space after work hours to escape and practice yoga, arts, music, and other hobbies of interest.

Features Include:

Built Like a Boss

Big on style and function, the Boss Rooms are customizable to match your home, personality, and suit your lifestyle. For whatever your lifestyle needs, Boss Rooms can deliver: a home office, a school room, a dance studio, guest suite, AirBnB, art studio, home gym and more.

Boss Rooms Interior Features

Boss rooms ADU Guest House

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

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Smooth-Finish Dry Wall

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Full or Half Bath Add-On Available  3 of 6 Kitchenette Add-On Available 4 of 6

Two-Tone Paint Finish

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Energy Efficient HVAC System

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