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The majority of individuals will at some point in their lives have the responsibility of caring for an aging or disabled relative. Elderly communities are expensive and put relatives at risk of negative experiences. Bringing these loved ones into your primary residence often proves to be stressful both your immediate family and aging in-laws.

Rather than place a burden on immediate family relationships, or these aging relatives, many individuals are making the wise decision of investing in an additional dwelling unit (ADU) to accommodate these relatives.

What is a Mother-In-law Backyard Suite?

An ADU is a structure that possesses all the necessary amenities to accommodate overnight. ADUs are also commonly called tiny homes and are an affordable solution for housing aging or disabled in-laws temporarily or long-term.

A mother-in-law backyard suite has all the amenities that your loved one needs to live a happy lifestyle, including a kitchenette, bathroom, sleep accommodations, and more.

Benefits of Having a Backyard Suite:

Backyard suites allow homeowners to house their in-laws nearby. This is an affordable and safe alternative to traditional housing.  

Benefits a Backyard Suite Include:


Boss Room ADU guest house
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A mother-in-law backyard suite is detached from the primary home and designed with practical and affordable living in mind. These structures keep relatives close by while allowing them to be independent in their space. 

How Can This Type of Room Be Utilized?

A mother-in-law suite is also a wise investment because it can be utilized for numerous purposes even after a relative departs.

These tiny homes provide a flexible space that can be used to accommodate guests or adult children. ADUs can also be used as home offices, art studios, or just as an escape from daily life.


Boss Rooms in-law suites can be developed to possess all the amenities that your loved ones need for sleep, meals, sanitation, and more. 

These tiny homes come with numerous layout and construction options, including custom windows, floors, and layout.  

Features Include:

Other customizable additions are also available, including a kitchenette, full and ½ bath options. 

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Built Like a Boss

Big on style and function, the Boss Rooms are customizable to match your home, personality, and suit your lifestyle. For whatever your lifestyle needs, Boss Rooms can deliver: a home office, a school room, a dance studio, guest suite, AirBnB, art studio, home gym and more.

Boss Rooms Interior Features

Boss rooms ADU Guest House

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

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Smooth-Finish Dry Wall

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Full or Half Bath Add-On Available  3 of 6 Kitchenette Add-On Available 4 of 6

Two-Tone Paint Finish

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Energy Efficient HVAC System

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