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Many children have a difficult time reaching their full educational potential at home. This common issue is due to the numerous distractions that arise inside the home. Give your child(ren) all the opportunities they need to learn and succeed by investing in your own backyard schoolroom.  Creating a private schoolroom right outside your backdoor is a great way to encourage learning, promote focus, and improve your child’s overall learning experience.

What is a Homeschool Shed?

Homeschool sheds are an efficient option for creating an environment that is highly conducive to learning. A homeschool shed is a private building that is dedicated to learning and located directly in your backyard. This room is detached from the main dwelling, soundproof, and focused solely on educational experiences.

Benefits of Having a Private Schoolroom at Home

Private backyard schoolrooms are beneficial for both homeschooling families and children who attend traditional education programs. A private schoolroom provides children with a place to learn to that promotes focus, creativity, and an overall ideal learning environment.

Other Benefits of a Home School Room Include: 

Another benefit of a private schoolroom is the versatility of the space. These spaces are also great for families that participate traditional schooling by providing a place for children to complete their homework or study in a quiet environment.

What Do You Need for a Homeschool Room?

Prefab units by Boss Rooms are customizable and can be designed to include all of the schoolroom essentials. There are a few things that are important to remember when designing your custom backyard homeschooling room. 


Furniture is an essential part of every classroom. Invest in versatile furniture options developed for smaller spaces, such as collapsible tables, chairs, etc.


Lighting is a crucial element in ensuring the best learning environment. Design your schoolroom with plenty of windows to provide natural lighting in your backyard schoolroom. 


Your child(ren) will need a place to energize and refuel. Be sure to include a kitchenette in the design concept of your ADU schoolroom. The best part about modern small space appliances is their mini-design is perfect for school sheds.

Basic Amenities 

Don’t forget to include the essential basic amenities in your design, including a bathroom or ½ bath.

Features of a Homeschooling Room

Boss Room ADUs provide an extensive list of versatile and practical features that make them a perfect choice for a homeschooling rooms.

Features Include:

  • Soundproof
  • Energy Efficient
  • Abundance of Lighting
  • Compact Appliances
  • Open Floor Plan

These features create the perfect space for your child(ren) to learn, practice arts, crafts, music, reading, and other productive interests.

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