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What is a Backyard Guest House?

A backyard guest house allows homeowners to accommodate guests overnight in a dwelling that is detached from their main home. These spaces can be designed to contain everything that a guest will need during their stay.

Benefits of Having a Backyard Guest House

An investment in a detached backyard guest suite on your lot is a wise decision that provides numerous benefits for both you and your guests. One of the most important benefits of having a backyard guest suite is that this is a safer option than providing in-home accommodations. This allows you to house guests overnight in numerous otherwise unsafe situations, for example, after a party or gathering.

Benefits of Having a Backyard Guest House Include:

What Zoning is Required for a Guest House?

Boss rooms ADU Guest House

Zoning laws vary by location and depending on numerous details regarding your property. You will need to research the zoning laws that are unique to your location. 

Zoning laws also govern the type and size of additional dwelling unit (ADU) that is permitted on your property. You may need to contact the county attorney to learn more about zoning ordinances in your area. 

Also be sure to check with your local homeowner’s association regarding ADUs in your neighborhood before making an investment.

How Else Can This Types of Backyard Guest Suite Be Utilized?

The best thing about a detached backyard guest suite is its high versatility. This space can be utilized for numerous activities and purposes when guests are not present.

Other Uses for a Backyard Guest Suite Include:

Boss rooms ADU Guest House

A detached backyard suite is also a great place to escape for alone time and privacy for any art, craft, musical hobby, or other solo activity.

Features of a Boss Rooms Guest Suite

Boss Rooms backyard guest suites provide homeowners with a safe, affordable space to accommodate overnight guests. These spaces contain all of the features and amenities that your guests will need overnight. The features of a Boss Rooms prefab guest home provide your guests with resources they need while remaining detached from your home.

Features Include:

  • Kitchenette
  • Full or ½ Bath Options
  • Open Floor Plans
  • Soundproof Construction
  • Energy Efficiency

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