Home Art Studio

Artists need a dedicated space to generate ideas, develop their skills, and fully immerse themselves in the inspiration behind their craft. Boss Rooms ADUs are the ideal solution for developing a personalized art studio for yourself or the artist in your life.

Why Have an Art Studio at Home?

home art studio

An art studio is a necessary space for painters, sculptors, designers, glassmakers, photographers, and all other types of artists. This dedicated space provides an environment that encourages creativity and allows artists the time and space to explore their craft.

A detached ADU is quiet and eliminates all of the distractions found inside the home, allowing artists to generate and explore new concepts and ideas.

Modern Home Art Studio

Boss Rooms prefab ADUs are the most affordable way to create your own modern art studio right outside the backdoor of your home. This is a wise investment that has the potential to provide homeowners with numerous benefits.

Benefits of Having a Backyard Suite:

Benefits of a Detached Art Studio Include:

A detached art studio is also a highly versatile space that can be used for numerous interests, hobbies, and to escape after a long day.

Home Art Studio Setup

Boss Rooms prefab ADUs can be customized to create the perfect art studio space. There are several things to keep in mind during the design and customization process of your detached art studio.


Windows are a necessity in art studio design concepts. Windows encourage lots of natural lighting, provide inspiration, and bring in the beauty of the outdoors.


Choose furniture that is practical and functional for your art studio space. Minimalist concepts are the most beneficial for maximizing this space. For example, an easel, table, and a couple of chairs/stools is often sufficient for many artists.


The art supplies you will need to stock will depend on the type of art you and/or the artist in your life enjoys. These items may include canvases, acrylic paint, watercolors, charcoal, clay, or other mediums. 


Design your art studio with storage in mind by accounting for a wall space dedicated to shelving for your art supplies.

Features of a ADU Art Studio

Boss Rooms ADUs are the perfect space for creating a highly functional and efficient backyard art studio.

Features Include:

Boss Rooms ADUs are highly efficient and can be designed with either a full or ½ bath and kitchenette to meet your unique needs.

Built Like a Boss

Big on style and function, the Boss Rooms are customizable to match your home, personality, and suit your lifestyle. For whatever your lifestyle needs, Boss Rooms can deliver: a home office, a school room, a dance studio, guest suite, AirBnB, art studio, home gym and more.

Boss Rooms Interior Features

Boss rooms ADU Guest House

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

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Smooth-Finish Dry Wall

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Full or Half Bath Add-On Available  3 of 6 Kitchenette Add-On Available 4 of 6

Two-Tone Paint Finish

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Energy Efficient HVAC System

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