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Building a home gym is an exciting, functional, and practical investment for your health and wellness. Boss Rooms ADUs are the most affordable way to create a custom home gym right outside your back door.

Why Have a Detached Home Gym?

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Exercise is an essential part of living a happy and healthy lifestyle. An investment in a detached home gym is the most practical way to ensure that you have all the resources you need to get and stay in shape.  There are numerous reasons to invest in a detached home gym. Having this space in your backyard eliminates the distractions inside the home, the inconvenience of a facility, and eliminates excuses to exercise.

Benefits of an At Home Gym

Traditional gym memberships are costly, limited, and can present an intimidating environment. A personal home gym eliminates the time, stress, and membership costs associated with a traditional gym membership.

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Other Benefits of a Backyard Home Gym Include:

The best part about having your own gym is that there are no rules to break. A personal home gym allows you to do whatever you like without worrying about staff or other people.

Home Gym Ideas

Home gym development will require several necessary items and features to maximize the effectiveness of this space.

Exercise Equipment

Choose equipment that is suitable for the exercises that you enjoy. This may include a rack for free weights, a weight bench, yoga mat, resistance bands, weighted balls, etc. 

Electronic Equipment 

Dedicate an area of your home gym to the electronic equipment that will motivate you to perform at your best. For example, a Bluetooth stereo to listen to your favorite music, or a television for your favorite exercise videos. 


Design your home gym with areas to refresh and refuel. Boss Rooms ADUs feature practical options of a full of ½ bathroom. You can also choose to install a kitchenette for stocking your favorite sports drinks and healthy snacks to refuel. 


Remember this is your space to work out your way. Personalize your home gym with your favorite posters, sports teams, fitness icons, or other workout motivators.

Features of a Boss Room Home Gym

Boss Rooms customizable home gym ADUs are the most affordable and efficient way to create your own dedicated home gym.

Boss Room Home Gym Features Include:

Make an investment in your health and wellness by reaching out for more information about creating your own custom detached home gym.

Built Like a Boss

Big on style and function, the Boss Rooms are customizable to match your home, personality, and suit your lifestyle. For whatever your lifestyle needs, Boss Rooms can deliver: a home office, a school room, a dance studio, guest suite, AirBnB, art studio, home gym and more.

Boss Rooms Interior Features

Boss rooms ADU Guest House

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

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Smooth-Finish Dry Wall

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Full or Half Bath Add-On Available  3 of 6 Kitchenette Add-On Available 4 of 6

Two-Tone Paint Finish

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Energy Efficient HVAC System

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